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“A good person’s words are a fountain of life”.    Prov 10:11 GNB


The main distinguishing feature that puts humans way above animals is the faculty of speech. In the Bible story of creation, the first thing that happened was that God spoke – and from God’s words everything that lives came to life. And in John’s gospel it says, “In the beginning was the word” – and everything flowed from that fragment of speech. Words can mean everything – or nothing. We speak sneeringly of a committee that does nothing but talk as a “Talkshop”. Then some people speak from such a depth of insight and understanding that we say, “That was a good word”.

And some people manage to live life at such a depth that we say of them “Their actions speak louder than their words”. “And”, says King Solomon, “A good person’s words are a fountain of life”. For one thing a good person doesn’t use words lightly for the simple reason that such a person doesn’t think lightly or superficially. Such a person speaks words of wisdom, sometimes of courage, sometimes of inspiration, and always of plain common sense. A good person doesn’t get carried away by emotional thinking but speaks sense and with due consideration of various aspects of a subject. A good person speaking well can inspire his hearers to make decisions, to take action and to change their thinking about important issues. A good person can arouse feelings that can prompt courses of action and move people to do important things. A good person can cause other people to live at greater depth, to think more rationally and to know and experience what real life can be.

All Christian believers should, by the way they speak, be fountains of life for others.



Lord, help me to be a fountain of life.



I pray today Lord for those paramedics who will be called to go to the scene of some accident. Help them to be kind and gentle to any who are injured. Make them sensitive to those whom they serve and seek to bring through to wholeness and recovery again. May society appreciate their work. I ask it in Jesus’ name. AMEN


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Mark 9:30-41



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