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“Because of the coming of the God of Sinai, the coming of the God of Israel. You caused abundant rain to fall and restored your worn-out land”.

Ps 68:8 GNB

Nature is amazing. To listen to much of the doom and gloom predicted by modern experts one could be forgiven for thinking that this planet has just about had it. The oceans are getting clogged up with plastic waste. The climate is about to change – for the worse. And we are running out of land on which to grow food to feed the exploding population. And technology is replacing human beings in the workplace thus reducing the need for people to work and endangering the capacity for people to earn money and sustain their lifestyles.

This verse from Psalm 68 tells us that the mighty God who altered the course of history when he intervened at the time of the exodus was able to generate rain to restore the promised land when they returned to Israel. It says he is a God who, beyond the computations of humans, has a hand in the weather, frequently surprising the humans who think they own the universe.

In fact, problems of many kinds do crop up that threaten the human race. War – using weapons of mass destruction is one possibility. Disease, striking down thousands of people can always occur unexpectedly. And natural disasters are completely unpredictable, but devastating in their impact on humans, the earth and animals. Christian believers will doggedly continue to believe that God has renewed this planet, the home of his children, and will continue to do so in whatever way it is needed. Christian believers will also be responsible and play their part in maintaining order and looking for solutions.


Lord, continue to care for the physical universe.


I pray today Lord, for the elderly. Surround them with people who care about them and the necessary medical personnel to see to their health needs. Give them the satisfaction of looking back and knowing that their lives have been worthwhile. I ask this in the name of Christ. AMEN


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