“Those who hate (God) run away in defeat”.

Ps 68:1 GNB

If a statement like this were to be made today lots of people would sneer or find themselves provoked to argue it out. Concepts of God have changed dramatically in the last two and a half thousand years since this psalm was written. The coming of Jesus as God incarnate led to a serious re-thinking about who God was and what kind of God the Father was. For one thing he was understood much more clearly as a Father God.

But in biblical days each nation was deemed to have its own god and the fortunes of each nation’s god was thought to fluctuate with the fortunes of the country with which the god was identified. If the nation was defeated in battle it was supposed that that nation’s god was defeated along with the people.

Israel’s God was a demanding God. He demanded that people obey his law – then they would know happiness, good health and success. There were plenty of Israelites who found their God’s demands to be too demanding. And they opposed God. Some of them even joined the Canaanites in the worship of the Canaanites’ gods – which was much more pleasant since those gods didn’t object to adultery with sacred prostitutes.

Today plenty of people in the “western” culture deny God altogether. Some go further and become quite militant in their atheism. They could be said to oppose God, although far more oppose God by ignoring him or neglecting him. They feel they can manage all right. “I don’t need God” they say. Christian believers cannot imagine life without God. They know that life would be empty, meaningless and purposeless for them. Stick with Jesus and enjoy life in its fullness!


Lord, help me never to doubt you.


I pray Lord, for all journalists. Give them a healthy respect for the truth and show them how to present controversial matters in a balanced way. Show them how to enlighten their readers and to guide them to see the many sides to each story. I ask it in the name of Christ. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

Colossians 2:1–15