“My God, rescue me from the wicked, from the power of those who are cruel and evil”.  Ps 71:4 GNB


Rescue systems are vital, dramatic and valuable. Visit a lifeboat station and you will see immaculately kept boats and equipment. For months on end there is nothing for the people who manage this expensive equipment to do – except to wait and watch. Then some stormy night, all of a sudden, the emergency call comes. There is not a second to be lost. A ship is in peril. Lives are in danger. Off goes the lifeboat in high drama. Will they get there in time? Will they find the limping ship in the pitch-black night? When they come home with all lives saved there is great rejoicing – and immense pride as the whole town, home to the lifeboat, can’t find words to express the appreciation of a whole community for the heroism and sacrifice of the brave rescuers.

There were many perils that the people of the Old Testament faced. Health problems were amongst the chief ones. Accidents were another. Conflicts produced huge fears and problems. Life was hazardous as crime multiplied. The Good Samaritan went to the rescue of a traveler who “fell among thieves”. But the old man who wrote Psalm 71 knew who alone could rescue him from the many hazards that lay in wait for him – and that would-be rescuer was God himself.

Few people can navigate the hazards of life by their own unaided efforts. Put your trust where the psalmist did – in God who is your all-in-all rescue expert. Let him undertake for you, even where there are human specialists whom God will use to effect some of the rescues you will need.



Lord, come to my rescue in all the problems I will meet.



I pray today for those countries where there is strife and turmoil. Where real injustice has happened, grant a sound sorting out of the wrongs and failings. Enable the powers and authorities to pass legislation which will ensure effective governance. Grant that those countries may move forward to prosperity. I ask it in Jesus Christ’s name. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

Luke 8:22-25



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