“See what great love the Father has lavished on us.”      1 John 3:1 NIV


The apostle John had been blessed more than most men in the history of the world. Many prophets had desired to see what John had seen and to hear what he had heard. He had spent three years as one of Jesus Christ’s closest disciples. He had heard Jesus’ profound teachings. He had seen Jesus perform dozens of powerful miracles. He had seen Jesus transfigured in His glory. He had witnessed Jesus being raised from the dead and stood transfixed as He ascended bodily into heaven. Here he is as an old man. We ask, “John, as you think back over your illustrious life, what stands out? What motivates you and gives you hope?” He replies, “See what love the Father has.” His words show us that the Father’s love should amaze and instruct us. The word “See” is often translated, “behold”. It is both an exclamation and a command. As an exclamation, it shows that the Father’s great love should amaze us. Some things become commonplace over time. Maybe at first, we are affected by a new idea or experience. But over the years, the effect grows weaker and weaker, until finally it is just a far-distant memory. But the Father’s great love for us is the kind of experience that should grow stronger and stronger over the years, until it totally dominates every aspect of our lives. It should consume our thoughts and control our behaviour. It should motivate us to serve God and to live holy lives.



Father, may Your amazing love motivate us to live for You.



Holy Spirit, as You spread the Father’s love throughout our lives, let it consume our thoughts and control our behaviour and may it motivate us to serve our Lord and to live holy lives to the glory and honour of His name. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

Mark 10:1-12



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