“Instead, we always speak as God wants us to”.

1 Thess 2:4 GNB

There is a world of difference between someone who comes and gives a lecture about this or that subject and someone who bears a message from someone else. One who is really well-versed in some subject can be a joy to listen to – especially if “he knows how to put it across”. But someone who comes as a messenger for someone else carries the credibility of the one sending the message – as well as any stature he may have in his own right.

Paul and his fellow-messengers, Silas and Timothy, did not travel to Thessalonica in order to “sell themselves”. They came there at the behest of God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. They were his messengers, his agents and his apostles. (The word “Apostolos” is Greek for “one who is sent” by another). As well as they themselves being sent by God, the message they delivered was sent by God as well. It was about his mighty act in sending Jesus Christ, about the wonderful deeds of Jesus whilst on earth, about the appeal, “be reconciled and make peace with God”, about the amazing claim that God had raised Jesus from the dead and exalted him to God’s own right hand, and about the offer of the Holy Spirit to lift them to a better life and make them pure and clean, and the call to the Thessalonians to themselves become servants of the living God.

It is just as crucial today for believers to discern what is God’s message and what is “man’s own ideas”. It is possible to be hoodwinked by clever-sounding stories and amusing anecdotes from those whose main purpose is to sell themselves. “Hear the Word of God”.


Lord, let your modern apostles always speak your word.


Lord, I pray today for your blessing on all who work to keep the streets of towns and cities clean. Help them to know that their work is a vital part of the health and happiness of the citizens who live in those towns and cities. Help us all to appreciate them. I ask it in Jesus’ name. AMEN