“Nothing will stand in your way if you walk wisely, and you will not stumble when you run”.

Prov 4:12 GNB

We say, of someone who is obviously and eminently successful, “He just carries all before him”. Such people seem to have the knack of doing everything well, whatever they attempt. They are sought for their advice by all manner of other people. They are invited to give speeches at school prize-giving ceremonies, community functions and people’s birthdays. Their names become a by-word. It seems as if there is nothing they cannot do – and do well. People envy them. Younger people take them as role-models.

These people are the ones the writer of Proverbs was thinking of when he talked of “walking wisely”. This is another way of saying, “successfully”. The Book of Proverbs is packed full of suggestions, advice and warnings about how to walk wisely, how to be successful and how to avoid pitfalls as you progress through life.

Some people don’t “walk” through life. They run. They are always in a hurry; they do things quickly and they get through an enormous amount. They are always busy dashing here, there and everywhere. It seems as if nothing ever stops them or slows them down. And somehow, although they give the impression of being in a hurry, they seem to cope with much more than other people. They just love it when slower people say, “However do you cope with so much – and you never seem to get flustered or harassed?” They manage their time well and they know when to say “no” when asked to do things beyond their capacity. That’s real wisdom. They are the sort of people about whom others say, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”.


Lord, bless and use all the busy people of this world.


I pray Lord, for those people whose parents were disappointed at the gender of these children when they were born. Forgive those parents who “took it out” on their children and scarred them emotionally for life. Help them to grow and mature emotionally. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

I.B.R.A. Readings

2 Chronicles 24:4–14