“That we should be called children of God!”                     1 John 3:1 NIV


Because God has lavished His great love on us, we are now called children of God. John adds, “And that is what we are!” The idea is that not only do we have the name or title, “children of God” but that title reflects our true condition. Through His power, God causes us to be born again through His Holy Spirit. He imparts new life to us so that we are raised from spiritual death to spiritual life. We become partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4), although we never become “gods” in any sense, but we share His very life. This means that becoming a Christian is not a matter of human willpower, but rather a matter of God’s power. Those who receive Jesus Christ do not do so because of their will, but because God, by His sovereign will, causes them to be born again. This takes away all ground for boasting and leaves us bowing in adoration and awe, that the Father would bestow His great love on us apart from anything in us. The fact that God’s love has made us His children should also cause us to feel His love and to love Him in return, especially in all the trials that we encounter. There is no trial on this earth, and not even death itself, that can separate us from His great love! Perhaps at times you have wished that you had been born into a family with great wealth. But the truth is, such families are often lacking in love. It is a far greater privilege to be born into God’s family as His dear child. All the riches of Christ are ours for time and eternity!



Father, what a privilege it is to be Your child forever.



Dear Heavenly Father, what a privilege it is to be born into Your family as Your dear child with the riches of Christ being ours for time and eternity! AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

1 Chronicles 2:1-17



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