“Jesus said to them, ‘Come and eat’”.     Jn 21:12 GNB


Eating occupies a significant role in human life. We live to eat and almost the first thing a baby does after birth is to feel for its mother’s breast to sustain this new stage of life with which it has to cope. Soon we are learning that eating is a source of pleasure so pleasurable that some overeat and make themselves ill. But there is a social function about eating. It brings us together and we celebrate, socialize and communicate whilst we eat. And eating has a religious function. We eat and drink to celebrate the life and death of Jesus. He had acknowledged the significance of eating by feeding the five thousand when they were hungry – thus feeding their bodies as well as their souls. And after his resurrection he met them by the lake, instructed them how to fish (a carpenter teaching fishermen how to fish!), and then joined them in eating breakfast by the shore. His welcome was simple and meaningful, “Come and eat”.

Always Jesus invites us to enter into fellowship with him. The enjoyment of eating is deepened by his presence and by the warmth that he imparts to the meeting. It is the warmth of love and it is the awareness that he had often spoken of heaven as an experience of eating together in the parables of the great feast and the story of the prodigal Son. Maybe there is another meaning – they were to go out and become involved, as he was, in feeding the hungry and sustaining the poor. Millions in the world today go hungry, and some die of starvation. Is he calling his disciples to carry on what he started?



Lord, help us to hear your call to serve the poor.



I pray for people who lost loved ones over the Easter weekend. Let your comforting arms surround them and give them strength to face the grief and sorrow that comes with bereavement. Help them to find new hope and the will to go on living however empty the world may seem. I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

John 3:1-15



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