“May the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful”.

Ps 68:3 NIV

One cynical person said, “The trouble with Christians is that when they go to church they always look as if they’re going to the dentist. And when they come out, they look as though that’s where they’ve been”. The person who said that didn’t add what other people look like! The poet who composed Psalm 68 was in no doubt – and he wasn’t cynical. The hymn that is Psalm 68 breathes joy and gladness. In fact, only the righteous would be likely to join in worship singing the hymn. He knew that the very purpose of worship was to get people to be joyful. Had he come another five hundred years down the line he might have known that there is such a thing as the Holy Spirit and one of the outworkings of the Spirit is to beget joy as one of the fruits of his presence. Spirit-filled Christians are joyful. And when they worship, they are happy. What is more they don’t need to be told to be happy. They come because they are glad and want to rejoice. The very thought of God and of Jesus creates happiness within them. They also want to be in the presence of other people who are happy – it makes them happier still .

Somebody asked the Salvation Army bandsman out in the street to go easy or he might damage the big bass drum he was thumping on. The drummer replied, “Good Lord, sir. Since I came to know Jesus I’m so happy I could bust the blooming drum” (W.E. Sangster, The Pure in Heart, p110). Do anything you can to encourage worship in your Christian fellowship to be happy and joyful.


Lord make us happy – always!


Lord, I pray for all people who work in the media, especially those in radio and TV. Help those who have to interview public dignitaries. Give them the right questions to ask, and the ability to perceive where their interviewees are fudging the issue. I ask it in the Christ’s name. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

John 2:1–11

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