“And now, dear children.”           1 John 2:28 NIV


“Little children” implies that abiding in Christ is simple, not something that we need a graduate degree to understand or practice. In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 18:3, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” I have seen a bumper sticker that reads, “Simplify”. That is not bad advice at all and is especially appropriate for our walk with the Lord. Let us ask ourselves these basic questions: Do I spend consistent, regular time alone with the Lord in the Word? Am I trusting God by drawing near in prayer to His throne of grace in all of my trials? Do I memorize and meditate on God’s Word, applying it to my life? Am I faithful as a steward of all that God has entrusted to me, maintaining integrity and putting off greed? Am I growing in holiness, developing the fruit of the Spirit by walking in the Spirit? Am I judging, confessing and forsaking sin, beginning with my thought life? Am I working at maintaining and deepening the relationships with those in my life, especially in my immediate family? This includes truthful, loving communication; listening; kindness; patience; forgiveness and humility.

Let us get alone with the Lord and our Bible. Let us confess all known sin to Him. Let us mourn our indifference to the Father’s love and toward the Lord Jesus. Let us accept His gracious forgiveness. By implementing these basics of abiding in Christ, we will grow in confidence as we anticipate His coming.



Lord Jesus, thank You for teaching me to be like a child in my walk with You.



Lord Jesus, teach me to walk as a child, learning from You each day, by abiding in You, through the reading of Your Word and walking in step with the Holy Spirit. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

Mark 9:38-51



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