“All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation”.  II Cor 5:18 NIV


“The last form of estrangement from God may be that produced by the sense of guilt which is involved in all conscious sin, and which may remain even when the sin has been forsaken. The sense of guilt is much more common than many suppose. Psychology has revealed how prevalent it is and often how disastrous, though it may not be recognized as a sense of sin. Donald M Baillie says,  ‘I should like to suggest that (the modern man) has a kind of moralistic substitute for the sense of sin, and that this much less wholesome substitute is the chief cause of that malaise which surely underlies the superficial complacency of the modern mind’ (God Was in Christ, p162). This sense of moral failure or unworthiness may lie dormant in the mind, producing a feeling of inferiority or of moral impotence and of the futility of all ideals. Worst of all, it may come like a shadow between the soul and God, making the thought of him a source of fear, and the idea of his love unreal; for the sense of guilt becomes clearest and strongest when we come face to face with God in Christ and we see ourselves as we are. Then we realize that sin is disloyalty to God, the obstruction of his purpose, rebellion against his will of holy love.

In reconciling us to himself through Christ, God overcomes these various forms of estrangement. Here in Corinthians Paul makes special mention of the fact that in so doing God deals with the guilt of sin, ‘not counting their trespasses unto them’”(J. Reid, “The Interpreter’s Bible”, Vol X p341).



Lord, purge all sense of guilt from me.



I pray for those people who are recovering from recent surgical operations. May the feelings of soreness quickly dissipate and may they find ways to be useful, integrating themselves quickly into their normal routines. Give them renewing strength and physical comfort. Guard them from feelings of depression. I ask it in Jesus’ name. AMEN


I.B.R.A. Readings

1 Samuel 19:8-17



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